• Team has 40% governance power over protocol activities.
  • Team has no power over the amount of SNG emissions and the way SNG emissions are used.
  • The DAO has control over how funds are distributed at anytime
  • Team is entitled to $50k a month or 40% of revenue, whichever one is higher.
  • In the case that the DAO chooses to no longer fund or are not able to fund the Team for development, the DAO reverts the ownership of the product and the code back to the team.
  • The team will deliver upon the agreed upon roadmap detailed below.
  • Phase 2: Complete 2 audits
  • Phase 3: Real Tokens — $100k capped pools, only stables (USDC, DAI, fUSDT)
  • Phase 4: Real Tokens — $100k capped pools, volatile tokens Date
  • Phase 5: Uncapping (Increments of $500k, $1 mil, uncapped)
  • After chain expansion: Paraswap, 1Inch, Cowswap
  • Polygon, AVAX, Arbitrum, BNB, Optimism (maybe)



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Revenant Labs

Revenant Labs

Financial Suite of Products focused on fUSD