Rebuilding STEAK — Revenant and Singularity

Compensation Plan:

Snapshot on Block: 18274226 (one block prior to the exploit)

Purpose of Revenant and RVNT Token

Under Revenant, we will be launching multiple products with their own token/tokenomics into the foreseeable future. The RVNT token can be one-way burned to get a proportional token amount of ALL current projects launched under Revenant. To explain this further, let’s first briefly introduce Singularity.

When will these changes happen?

It depends on when Singularity is able to launch. Right now, we are waiting on audits which may take a couple months. Audits are especially important for guaranteeing security in our contracts and increasing users’ confidence in the project. However a couple months is a long time, we want to put out a vote on the discord on whether or not we should release a limited version of Singularity Swap that has been peer reviewed by multiple dev teams. The vote will take place in our discord.



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