Revenant Labs — A Quick Bribing Guide for Beethoven-X

Revenant Labs
3 min readMar 20, 2022

What are the $BEETS Bribes Wars all about?

Beethoven-X is a friendly fork of BalancerV2. They have a regular set of emissions for their token, $BEETS. These token emissions can now be re-directed as a result of gauge based voting, to pools of your choice — if you hold fBEETS (a staked version of their token, which gives you governance power). You can find an extensive thread on the Beets Bribes Wars, courtesy of Chadly, here:

Click for Thread on Beets Bribes Wars

If I don’t already have fBEETS, how do I get them?

Firstly, you’ll need to go to the Beethoven-X staking page.

Click to go to Stake Page

Next, click on Invest, as circled below.

Following this, you’ll be given the option to Zap the remaining processes — it will be on by default. This will remove the several layers that are otherwise required to obtain fBEETS.

Why is Revenant Labs bribing?

Protocols such as Revenant Labs are willing to bribe you for your fBEET votes, because it means more of the $BEETS emissions will flow to their pools. For Revenant Labs, we’re looking to capture your fBEET votes so that we can drive higher $BEETS emissions to the “Stable Credit Sonata” pool. You can see the pool here:

Click for Pool

Why should I vote Revenant Labs and the Stable Credit Sonata?

If you do vote for the “Stable Credit Sonata” pool, you’ll get a proportionate amount of the bribes being offered airdropped to you after the snapshot ends, on Sunday 20th March. There will be another vote in two weeks time. Revenant Labs may choose to bribe again, at that time.

You can see the current bribe, here.

How do I vote for the Stable Credit Sonata?

You’ll need to make your way over to the Snapshot page, using a Web3 enabled browser (such as MetaMask, or Coinbase Wallet).

Click here for the SnapShot vote

You then need to select the + button next to the Stable Credit Sonata pool, as below.

This will allocate 100% of your fBEETS voting power to the Stable Credit Sonata. You could of course tweak your allocations as you see fit. Your bribe will be proportionate to the amount of voting power your provide!