“Will FUSD ever hold peg?”

  1. TONS of people will lose their FTM once the Fantom team decides to add liquidations.
  2. Nobody wants to use an “unstable” stablecoin.
Taken from https://fantom.foundation/defi/
  1. Minting FUSD with their staked FTM
  2. Selling FUSD into FTM
  3. Re-staking their FTM
  4. Mint more FUSD
  5. Repeat
  1. Mint 160 FUSD with 1000 FTM
  2. Sell 160 FUSD to 80 FTM
  3. Stake 80 FTM
  4. Mint 16 FUSD
  5. Sell 16 FUSD to 8 FTM
  6. Stake 8 FTM
  1. 8 FTM can only buy 6.4 FUSD (Need 9.4 FUSD more to unlock 80 FTM)
  2. 80 FTM can only buy 64 FUSD (Need 94 FUSD more to unlock 1000 FTM)




Financial Suite of Products focused on fUSD

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Revenant Labs

Revenant Labs

Financial Suite of Products focused on fUSD

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